Italian or Brazilian?

SlimROAST is not like any other brand of coffee. It's truly sophisticated because of it's harvesting, richness, and specifically chosen powerful ingredients.

Are you wondering how to choose between Italian Roast and Brazilian Roast? We love both and you don't have to choose, but if you want to just try one flavor first, here are some things to consider.

Most people agree that Italian Roast is more of a traditional coffee flavor while Brazilian Roast is milder with a stronger hint of chocolate. True coffee drinkers will likely prefer Italian Roast and those who are not yet a huge fan of coffee will most likely prefer the Brazilian Roast. You may even consider purchasing a trial pack to taste these coffees before you make your final decision. Order a trial pack here.

SlimROAST coffees come individually packaged for convenience and to preserve freshness. Each box of SlimROAST is a month's supply and contains 24 packets. We recommend drinking SlimROAST 6 consecutive days a week and taking the 7th day off.

To prepare a cup, simply tear open a packet and add to 6-9 oz. of hot or cold water, and stir. When mixing SlimROAST coffees, feel free to add whatever you like to it to make it creamy or sweet, or add spices like cinnamon. For recipe ideas click here. You can even add it to hot chocolate if you are not fond of coffee or if you adore mocha. Drink it hot or iced, stirred, shaken or blended. You can even just drink it black.

You are going to fall in love with SlimROAST coffee and the results.

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