Slimroast is the New Black

"The first picture is me at 156 lbs Before starting Slim Roast (I didn't take a picture before and this is the closest I could find at that weight). I started using the Slim Roast in October. The picture of me in black is on Dec. 31 at 139 lbs. wearing a foot cast . Today Jan. 5th, 2017 without the cast I'm at 136!!! I've only done one cup of Slim Roast a day for 6 days then off for 3-4 days, I wait an hour before eating after my morning coffee and..... I'm very proud of myself... I'm a 55 year old going through menopause and loving life again.. of course not without my Coffee anymore.

PS: You don't have to ask to share my story if you feel it could help inspire anyone I'd love it if you would! Yeah!!! I reached my goal of 135 on Jan. 8th, 2017 Today 1-13-17 I've got some wiggle room ... 133 lbs. !!!"

Stories like these are happening every day. Being a part of something this life-changing is a blessing.

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