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DARN EGO Ok, so some people have doubted how big I ever was or how much weight I've lost... even good friends who have known me for years. Maybe they didn't see me when it got really bad? Well yah, cause I hid it!!!

So I'm putting out my most embarrassing photo from our Kauai trip- right before I started Slimroast. The photo (on the left) actually caused an argument between my husband and myself, as I was horrified when I saw how I looked and thought he - the photographer was somehow responsible?!? 🙄sorry babe! 😬😘

So fast forward to now when I'm a good 5-10 lbs lighter than in the pic to the right, and maybe I don't care so much about letting my chubby photos loose in public. You can say bad posture causes tummy rolls but not sure what causes "Knee Balloonitis" (where by the way I'm now down 1.75 inches on each knee). Once again, I love my non diet diet- also known as my coffee crack! Also love all our new friends who feel like family. I never expected the community and support that we have found nor the crazy financial remuneration! I never wanted to be a rep and really haven't worked it but it is already surpassing income from my#professional career...who doesn't need a little extra to keep up with this out of control world we live in?!? #sosogreatful

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