Experience Tropical Blast    

The Ultimate Natural Fruit Blend!

Take your weight loss efforts to a better place and put bloating away forever with Tropical Blast fruit infused tropical blend. A naturally easy way to lose weight now is by drinking a tall glass of  cool (or hot)  delicious, Tropical Blast in the morning, or anytime of day when you want to stop hunger and cravings in its tracks. It works like a charm with no jitters or funky feeling! Simply delicious and refreshing and great for those hot summer days or for those who don't drink coffee.  Imagine keeping these sweet packets in your bag and taking them along on vacation, to work, to the gym, or just enjoying this treat anywhere you are. Unlock the secret to weight management and end the struggle forever. Tropical Blast is a great source of antioxidants too!


Tropical Blast 

People all over the world struggle regularly to find a weight-control strategy that works. Usually, the process is almost intolerable. The struggle is real with highs and lows leading to frustration and still the crazy mood swings, no energy, and being hungry all the time.


Improved performance and better moods do not happen with any single ingredient or nutrient. We need to "stack" nutrients that work together effectively. Valentus Prevail Tropical Blast offers that option.

• Crush Cravings 
• Increase Energy 
• Metabolize fat to Energy 
• Help Regulate Blood Sugar 
• Improve Mood & Focus 
• Boosts Circulation and Oxygen delivery 

Made with all natural appetite suppressors and feel great ingredients, Valentus Prevail Tropical Blast is the ultimate add-on to your weight management and control program!  

Tropical Blast 6 Day Experience

  • Use Tropical Blast to manage your weight and your mood. Get those amazing results yourself, and we bet you too will love the delicious taste. Tropical Blast is designed to take your weight management to the next level. Stacked with high power ingredients that give results, add Tropical Blast to your daily routine.​

    ​Tropical Blast Ingredients:

    • Caffeine from Coffee

    • Citrus Bioflavinoids

    • Citrus Aurantium

    • Garcinia Cambogia

    • Grafoinia Seed Extract (5HTP)

    • Maqui Berry

    • Raspberry Keytones

    • Inulin Fiber

    • Citric Acid

    • Rice Bran

    • Natural Flavor

    • Himalayan Salt

    • Turmeric

    • Vegetable Juice

    • Stevia

    Directions For Use:

    Open 1 Tropical Blast Packet and mix in 6-8 oz. hot or cold water and enjoy. Drink 1-2 cups a day for maximum results.

  • Offer includes 6 Tropicl Blast Packets for $20. Each pre-measured and perfectly blended packet makes 1 glass of Tropical Blast. Try Tropical Blast  for 6 days.