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Tropical Blast 6 Day Experience $20, Free Shipping

Losing weight can be a blast when it's as easy as a sweet, tropical, nutrition packed, fat burning sensation!

Experience Tropical Blast Weight Management

A 6 day experience that will jump start your weight loss while you discover the power of Tropical Blast as a daily solution for ending the weight loss/management struggle.

Enhanced to Support Fat Burning, Great Mood and Focus

Formulated with natural appetite suppressants and feel good ingredients that support an overall good mood and pinpoint focus. Tropical Blast is the perfect addition to your weight loss/management program!

Does It Taste Good ​Yes. It tastes so good you will feel like you are cheating. Tropical Blast has a refreshing taste of pineapple blended with all natural ingredients to support your weight loss efforts. Not only will you find managing your weight with Tropical Blast will produce exciting results, but you will love the taste of this light, fruity, endulgence!

  • Crush Cravings

  • Increase Energy

  • Metabolize fat to Energy

  • Help Regulate Blood Sugar

  • Improve Mood & Focus


Directions For Use Open 1 pre-measured Tropical Blast packet and mix in 6-8 oz. hot or cold water and enjoy. Drink 1-2 cups a day for maximum results. We recommend drinking it upon waking-up in the morning before eating for best outcome. If you want to drink 2 cups a day, drink the second cup mid-morning or mid-afternoon.


Order Details

This Offer is for 6 packets of Tropical Blast for $20 and free shipping, while supplies last. Order your 6 Day Experience of Tropical Blast to discover how delightful it can be to curb bloating and burn fat.



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