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The 6 Day Experience Training With Blue Diamond, Karen Ford

How I went from Double Diamond to Blue Diamond and helped my team earn life-changing income.

The 6 Day Experience is a system I developed years ago and remains the single-most effective way I've found to make money right away while building a stable team of business builders and customers. In this training, I will break-down the numbers, the reality, of what you can achieve by putting 6 Day Experience packs in the hands of people. This system is so effective that Valentus adopted it as a corporate method.


Download The Ford Team 6 Day Experience Presentation Below

Download • 31.55MB


This method is used by the most successful Valentus teams. It's simple and fun. In this presentation, you will learn how to use your Business Builder Pack to earn $3,000 and rank to Structured Emerald and Structured Diamond using The 6 Day Experience method.


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