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The 6 Day Experience at Coffee Society Magazine

Current Special Offers from Coffee Society Magazine.

We believe that these days, supplementing diet is more important than ever. Along with a healthy lifestyle of moderate exercise and eating well, we promote the use of some healthy beverages to aid your body in flushing fat to manage weight while providing other enhancements to make your efforts more impactful. That's why I created The 6 Day Experience.

The 6 Day Experience is a trial pack offer based on experiencing a few of our best selling and most beloved products for 6 consecutive days. There are so many products on the market that claim to provide benefits but few actually let you try it out before you commit to it. Different things work for different people so we hope that even if you have tried everything to lose weight, improve mood and focus, control appetite and stop nagging cravings, with the goal of losing and/or maintaining weight, you wlll accept these special offers, and try again to get back on track or to reach another level of health and weight loss.

And if looking younger instantly is your thing, check out our Instant Youth 6 Day Experience below. This remarkable creme erases lines wrinkle and puffiness in minutes. It is truly magical.


Get a 6 Day Experience of the Ultimate Slimming THERMOROAST COFFEE. $20, Free Shipping.


Get a 6 Day Experience of the Ultimate Slimming Fruit Blend, TROPICAL BLAST, $20, Free Shipping.


Get a 6 Day Experience of INSTANT YOUTH, age defying creme. $20, Free Shipping.


Try one or all three. While supplies last.


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