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How to Earn $1500 Per Month

This can be done as a home based business using your computer.

Results may vary and bonuses may be more than shown but this will give a general idea.

  • Step 1 – Purchase a “Business Builder” pack at $575.95 which includes 16 boxes of product.

  • Step 2 – Maintain a monthly autoship of 3 boxes = 100 points.

  • Step 3 – Sign 4 people up as a “Business Builder” at $575.95 who also maintain an autoship of 3 boxes per month.

  • Step 4 –  DUPLICATE…….Teach others below you to do the same thing. –

Here is the goal:

If everyone is on autoship which equals 100 points each month, your goal is to have 83 autoships (from other distributors) down 1 leg and 166 down the other leg.

1st leg – 83 X 100 points = 8300

2nd leg – 166 X 100 points = 16,600

Once this team is established and maintained, you will make a recurring ongoing monthly income of:

$1660.00 less your autoship $160.00 = $1500.00 US monthly.

Guess What?  There will be other bonuses added to this!



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